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We find grounding through our feet. Every day they carry us wherever we go. They are a symbol of movement, personal development and progress. Nevertheless, little attention is often paid to them, since they are so far away from our field of vision. Touch is so incredibly good for them and can set their self-healing powers in motion.


Already 3000 BC people treated people's feet, as evidenced by records from China and India. It is said that the whole organism can be represented on the foot. This is referred to as a micro-acoustic-point system (MAPS), which is also found on the ears or hands, for example. The first European records of pressure point treatment of the feet stem from the 16th century, and knowledge about such treatment was only systematized in the first half of the 20th century. In my reflexology therapy, I orientate myself on the work of Hanne Marquardt, Froneberg and Schulz-Arndt. ​


In a classic foot reflexology treatment, I work through each organ system at least once. In the case of acute treatment, on the other hand, I mainly refer to the zones that reflect the affected organ system. For the treatment of a symptom with reflexology therapy, I recommend at least 4 sessions not too far apart so that success can be felt. ​


Above all, chronic diseases of various organ systems (kidneys, lungs, uro-genital, gastrointestinal), but also cycle imbalances, psychological imbalance, or symptoms induced by stress can be prevented and alleviated with reflexology massage. ​



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