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Holistic Massage

When I massage, I touch another person's body. Every Body that I encounter with my hands is absolutely unique and worth admiring. Every Body serves a person throughout its life, and fulfills lots of tasks on a daily basis: running, dancing, eating, working, carrying, laughing, arguing, ... : living. It also incorporates emotions and thoughts.


Everyone only has one body, so it's important to take good care of it. During the holistic massage, I listen to the person - with my ears, but also with my hands. At the moment of the treatment, nothing else matters than taking time for yourself and your body and doing something good for yourself. Together we look at how you and your body are doing, observe, let go, discover, relax. ​


For this we use massage techniques from the classic massage, which can be individually combined to either relax and ground an excess of energy, or to tonify an energy weakness. ​


Above all, the holistic massage is there to give you time and space for yourself, to breathe deeply and relax. It can help you to master your everyday life with more calm, to arrive more in your body, to release tension and thus to feel more comfortable in yourself. I'm happy to help you with that. ​



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