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H O T    S T O N E

Hot lava stones have an infinitely relaxing effect on the body. When you surrender to the heat they store and radiate, you can forget the world around you and immerse yourself in the infinity of time. The stones are old and wise and full of calm.


We experience grounding through our feet. Every day they carry us wherever we go. They are a symbol of movement, personal development and progress. Nevertheless, often, little attention is paid to them, since they are so far away from our field of vision. Touch is so good for them and has so much healing potential.

The art of touch has been said to have healing effects for thousands of years. In ancient China, the best doctors were also skilled masseurs. (Stürmer 2001)


In the holistic massage, the whole person should be considered in its individual context, because our organism reflects the universe (Huangdi). You can find out more about this here. ​



The hot stone massage is a full-body massage with warm to hot stones, the possibilities and effects of which go far beyond a pure "feel-good massage"...



P R E G N A N C Y  M A S S A G E

Pregnancy is a very special time in the life of a woman, a child, a couple. The body goes through the most exciting change that one can experience in this life. Both physically and emotionally this time can be very demanding; beautiful and yet also scary and upsetting. I am happy to be able to be of support during this time and to simply be able to contribute my small part to your well-being. (read more)



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