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- Everything we experience, we experience with our body -

-We are all one, but each of us is also a unique being, a cosmos for itself-

(Erich Fromm, Die Kunst des Liebens)


What is the Pantarei Approach?

The word Pantarei goes back to the Greek "everything flows". Pantarei is a Body-Mind-Therapy Approach in which practitioners want to bring together physical sensations with emotions and thought processes. It uses (or can use) massage techniques, breath, and verbal communication and combines all three in a session. The basic idea is that: Everything we experience, we experience with and through our body. Thus, it can be very powerful and even necessary to take the body into account – rather than only use speech therapy – in order to heal physically as well as mentally.

The body plays an important role when it comes to dealing with trauma or other psychological issues. On the other hand, there are often underlying emotional or psychological reasons for a physical expression of pain or illness. Inviting both - the mind and the body - into the conversation, can open up doors that have been closed for a long time, and thereby release long-held tensions.

Such a process can allow us to let go of old fears or patterns of behavior that are no longer useful for us. It can lead to a better knowing of oneself, help us getting to know our strengths and take decisions that fill us with energy, rather than taking it away.

What are your individual needs, your talents and strengths? How do you get into a state of inner power?

What is a Pantarei session like?

A session starts with a verbal conversation, followed by a somatic experiential process. We will first take a holistic look at important aspects of your life, your current life situation and why you come to the session and then set intentions for our work together. Then we will look at what the body has to say. You will lie on a massage table, stand or sit, depending on what’s best for the process, and the practitioner will place the hands on the client. Here you will have time to bring the awareness to your body, which will be supported by touch and breath-work. During this part of the session we will continue the verbal counselling and combine it with massage/touch and breath, and thereby create links between cognition, emotions and the bodily sensations. The Pantarei process helps to understand the source of a dis-ease. Recognizing those sources makes it possible understand why our body reacts in a certain way, and in turn makes it possible to transform that pattern and open us to an authentic and greater sense of well being.

How many sessions are recommended?

For experienced clients it is possible to take single sessions and take a lot out of that session. For people who are new to that kind of bodywork, it is highly recommended to try a series of sessions. A minimum series of three or four sessions is needed, depending on the topic. A series of ten sessions is recommended to allow for deep change to take place. The frequency of the sessions is usually once a week or every other week, depending on the client. The purpose of committing to a series of sessions is to build a relationship of trust and to maintain that relationship long enough to understand and integrate the cumulative results.

Possible topics for Pantarei sessions:

  • Stress-Management, exhaustion, Burn-Out

  • Healing from an injury or illness

  • Processing and recovering from giving birth

  • Dealing with loss or separation

  • Crises

  • Panic and fears

  • Pain-treatment or other physical complaints

  • Sleeping disorders


What the Pantarei Approach might bring into your life:

  • Getting to know and love yourself, the language of your body and emotions

  • Understanding the source of a dis-ease → support the release of physical symptoms

  • Making space for energy, aliveness, and sense of well-being

  • Letting go of stress, stagnation or tension

  • Allows for emotions to be there - old or new - in a safe and gentle environment, and learn to see what they bring us

  • Helps to live healthy relationships with oneself as well as others

  • Supports the release of limiting thoughts or patterns


*Learn more about the Pantarei Approach and its founders Vered Manasse and Claudia Glowik at


The Pantarei Approach was created by former practitioners of the Grinberg Method. Many elements of the Grinberg Method are still preserved here, but at the same time outdated structures were questioned and abandoned in order to make room for a new approach. ​



"How should a person caught in this routine net not forget that s*he is a human being, a unique individual given only this one chance to live this life with its hopes and disappointments, with its sorrows and its fears, with the longing for love and the fear of nothingness and separateness?" (Fromm)


Let's remember that we are human beings.

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