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My life took some detours before arriving where I am right now. Now I am a curious, warm-hearted, commited bodyworker and massage therapist with a pronounced passion for the recognition of the uniqueness of each client and the integration of their body, mind, sensations and emotions into the therapeutic process. Apart from being a massage therapist and bodyworker, I am also a mother and love to help other women in their pregnancies or after giving birth.

Those are my degrees:

- Reiki Level 1

- Pantarei Approach at Pantarei Approach International Professional Training Program (
- Alternative Medical Practitioner Studies at Arche Medica Heilpraktiker-Schule, Certified by Public Health Office, Berlin
- Pregnancy Massage at taohealth Akademie, Berlin
- Reflexology Massage Therapy, Arche Medica Heilpraktikerschule, Berlin
- Hot Stone Massage at Akademie für Wellness und Prävention, Berlin
- Massage and Wellness Therapy at Akademie für Wellness und Prävention, Berlin
- MA Education at Freie Universität Berlin

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